Your Mom Vs Minnesota Roller Girls All Stars



Saturday January 12th marked the second straight game that Your Mom Men’s Roller Derby has faced off against a women’s derby team. In Late 2012 the MRDA Champions faced off against an all star team of women from throughout the Midwest including women from MNRG. This bout would be more interesting in that the Minnesota Roller Girls All Star Team is a well respected highly ranked WFTDA team and they are well known for their tight four walls and organization…..both Achilles heals for YMMD.




The game started with Your Mom featuring a 2 jammer rotation of Frank Notsohotra and Lily Pad. The women faired well against Lily Pad getting lead jam half of the time (although unable to score points) and keeping YMMD scoreless. The problem was every other jam, Frank would line up and he was able to gain lead 12 of 13 times in the first half. YMMD was able to keep their jammers on the floor the entire first half, while all but one of MNRG jammers stayed safe. The lone exception was Second Hand Smoke who picked up 6 Jammer penalties in the first half which proved to be too much for the team to over come. Twinkle Toes and I were both 2 for 2 in lead jams to round out the first half and behind Frank’s 86 points, YMMD was able to enter half time with a 119 to 15 lead. Harmony Killerbruise led MNRG with 7 first half points.


The second half saw MNRG make some quality adjustments to their line up and give YMMD a much better game. The back line strategy that they employed the first half was shelved due to the inability to break through the stronger wall of the men’s line. Instead, MNRG placed a four wall half way up to the Pivot line allowing more space for the jammers to work. The extra speed behind the YMMD jammers caused multiple penalties as cuts and back blocks began being a problem for the men. Frank found himself only capturing lead jam 6 of his 12 second half attempts and even found his way into the box 3 times during the stretch. Twinkle Toes also found the road tougher as he gained lead only 2 of his 5 attempts and also made his way to the box twice. For MNRG it was much better. Medusa was able to score 39 points on 3 leads in her 7 jamming opportunities and Harmony also added 12 more points on her 6 jams. YMMD was still able to hold onto the victory behind 29 more from Frank in the second half as well as 26 points from myself on 5 for 6 as lead jammer. The total second half score would have been a more respectable 93 to 63 in favor of YMMD and certainly more in line with how MNRG normally plays.


Final score Your Mom 212 Minnesota Roller Girls All Stars 79. A great time was had by all and rematch talk surfaced almost right after the bout. MNRG was without Juke BOXX as well a few other key players off of their Nationals squad and YMMD played without Seahorses Forever, BS Smacker and Tallerina. At the end of the day, it was a great opportunity for close neighbors to battle it out and learn from each others successful organizations. More to come……I hope.


All Photos Courtesy Of Chris Maharry Photography


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