Born and raised in the heartland of America, God has blessed me abundantly. I was born in Ames, Iowa and I grew up in West Des Moines, Iowa in a home connected to the family business……a roller skating rink. As the youngest of 6 children I was always looking up to someone and trying to be a little better at something then I should for my age. I happened to have very competitive siblings who were very good at skating (we lived there, we should be) especially figure skating. At some point in my childhood, one of my older brothers and I decided we were not very good at figure skating but we liked to go fast. From that day on the “Dreadful Muse” (phrase used once by the Italian press) was born. I started out just trying to beat my brother Dante and he was so fast that the quest to be the fastest in the family took me all over the world to prove it. In 1985, I became the youngest male (and still so) to win a Senior World Championship at 17 years old. I represented the USA for  my last World Championship in 1995. During that run, I won 19 World Championship Gold Medals, 4 overall World Championships, Numerous silver and bronze medals and shared in the greatest run of success our country has ever known as far as multiple athletes taking home world titles. I raced in the Pan American Games in 1987, 1991, and 1995 winning 7 gold medals and another handful of Silver and Bronze medals.  I have qualified to represent our country a handful of times since but now other treasures await me at home.  On a national level, I represented Iowa many years at the national championship winning over 50 gold medals with numerous silver and bronze medals to with them. God blessed me with speed, drive, focus, a family that allowed me to be a little selfish and teammates that were always selfless. I raced for many years on the international circuit, traveling all over the world representing great companies at enormous events and trade shows. In recent years I have been racing through out the United States still competing in the sport I love and trying to promote its growth.  I currently can be found playing or coaching roller derby with my home team and 2012 MRDA Champions Your Mom Men’s Derby.

My greatest treasures can be found in my home town of West Des Moines where you will find my wonderful wife Cassandra and our five fantastic children, Gabrielle, Rachel, Antony, Ellasandra and Sofia. Only with their support have I been able to stay active and competitive in Inline Speed skating. Currently I have a great job as a broker selling residential real estate (homes) for Re/Max Real Estate Concepts and spend my down time (what?)  racing bicycles for Rasmussen’s Bike Shop in Des Moines where I was the 2012 Iowa State Road Race Champion .

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