Luca has it tough

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  • Hay Tony
    Long time fan love the pics, we met years ago in Michigan, the only way you may remember me, and we went to Canada together along with Ronnie Miller. Keep posting, Keep up the good work. I wanted to see you in Hoffman Estates, but had prior commitments.
    Write if time permits.

  • I remember this race very well. it was my first World Championships, South Africa had just been readmitted to the International sporting Arene. These were very exciting times. To see Tony and Dante Muse, Derek Parra and Luca Antonel in a final was phenomenal. USA won one, Two and Three. If I remember correctly, it was only one year later that there was another classic 500m showdown in Rome, Italy on the Road. Correct me if I am wrong, this time it was 3 USA skaters up against 3 Italian skaters. Awe inspiring stuff.

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